About The Hotel Couture

The Hotel Couture, evocative scents of iconic hotels.The Hotel Couture captures the essence of iconic hotels and transform it into a boundless experience. Scents and textures that were exclusive for the hotel guests are now revealed to a global audience cherishing beauty, excellence, impeccable design and quality..

A Selected Journey Through Unconventional People, Uncommon Places And Unveiled Essences

The Hotel Couture Philosophy

People are no longer going to New York, but to The Lowell. Not to London, but to Brown’s. Not to Miami, but to the Faena. Hotels have truly become destinations in and of themselves. They have become landmarks of the cordless world’s global architecture and powerful symbols of escape, whether experienced in person or fantasized about in some passing daydream. The precious bespoke essences of each destination will reach the senses of its recipients- lovers of exclusive travel and fragrance addicts.Every Bath & Beauty Collection will recreate the magic of each hotel and their highly selected brands. The Hotel Couture is also the name behind the brand-new line Suite, in five different fragrances, specifically designed by iconic Maître Parfumeurs. With products such as the Body Scrub, an Eau de Parfum, a Room Fragrance, this assortment which goes beyond the standard courtesy kit offer, aims to give a new sophisticated allure with a classy touch. Home Suite Home, because there is no place like The Hotel Couture.