Agate Sap Earrings

Belinda Chang


Round agate earrings.

Tactility is born from the cactus family, and this collection explores the tactile possibilities of contemporary wearables.
Pertaining to the Designer’s floral motifs that thread all of her creations, the Cactile Collection takes inspiration from the scabrous surface of cacti.
By employing the traditional metal-smithing techniques such as punching and forming, the precious metal is transformed into hollowed organic structures with a rich tactile quality. The embossed markings produce a remarkable sight to behold, and a meditative work process for the creator, finding inner peace at every strike of the steel punch. The avant-garde approach to jewellery results in an amusing aesthetic that in itself is an invitation to approach.

MATERIAL: Oxidised silver

Agate Sap Earrings