Earrings #5

Lora Nikolova

Handmade earrings as a unique work of art inspired by an abstract design interpretation influenced by the Bauhaus Movement. The earrings resemble architectural meshes embroidered with various components, linked in harmonious geometries. Each composition has a particular choice of volumes and colours. Materials vary between glass and resin components, the wire used to fix the elements together is steel rubber coated with 925 silver hooks. Lively creative art-wear designed for elegant personalities. Products assembled with the exclusive use of first choice materials. Any small imperfections or variations should be considered as a value that certifies the authenticity of the craftsmanship. Made in Italy.


10 x 1.5 x 11 cm


60 gr


*This pieces are handmade and pre-ordered, please allow at least 10 days to receive your product.