Fruity Pearls IV Necklace

Belinda Chang


Fruity pearl necklace
Fruits and nuts not only replenish our bodies, but also inspire Belinda to create her magnificent jewellery collections. Composing her designs with ravishingly budding orbs of pearl and gold, her pieces are as eloquent as a fine piece of jewellery could ever be.
Deriving from Belinda’s love for natural pearls, she gave a new life to the classic combination that is, pearls and precious metal. In her new collection, Belinda experimented with scale and juxtaposition of elements. Viewed from the front, you immediately shift your attention to the way the bulbous pearls glimmer under the light; whereas viewed from the back you can notice the smooth metal finish – a sign of master craftsmanship.

MATERIAL: Gold-plating silver necklace with freshwater pearls (12 x 12 mm).
SIZE: Length 55 cm

Fruity Pearls IV Necklace
Fruity Pearls IV Necklace