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Med Amor Dormido Mochila Handbag

Camila Mesar


Med Amor Dormido Mochila Handbag flourishes from its Colombian identity and the ancestral techniques to reinterpret them and mix them with modern design, rising craftsmanship to its maximum level: Luxury and Master crafts.

One impeccable design, maximum quality and daring and unexpected colors highlight traditional femininity creating unique and sublime pieces.

A brand with its own style, a style that talks by itself and tells a story through traditional craftsmanship.   Macramé  knots, more that entangle the thread, tell stories and allows to communicate through sensitivity.

Leather goods made by hand to respect the raw material and ourancestral techniques each piece that we make, filled with emotionsand our own soul.



L: 20 cm  H : 22 cm  Handle Drop: 88 cm


100 % Silk, Napa Leather and Suede


Silver Charm with Camila Mesar Logo

***Note*** This product take a production time of 15-20 days, and the designer works Pre-ORDER. Please allow at least 30 days before its arrival. 




Med Amor Dormido Mochila Handbag
Med Amor Dormido Mochila Handbag
Med Amor Dormido Mochila Handbag

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