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Urban Scents

Good news for all of you who can't decide between all these tempting options. Urban Scents has created this special edition Sample Box so that you can try all their variety. Be careful though, you will fall in love with each of them.

Details from inside the box:

  • Gunpowder cologne ~ A modern Eau de Cologne: A modern interpretation of lasting vigor with a refreshing infusion of green tea, Italian bergamot essence and lavender, followed by light wooden notes and a taste of velvet musk.

  • Desert Rose ~ An Androgyne Rose: The velvety warmth of a bouquet of fresh Moroccan roses is sparked with edgy accents of cardamom and ginger – a classic with a modern twist that unfolds into oriental notes with mineral dimensions.

  • Lost Paradise ~ A vintage Chypre scent: A contemporary interpretation of the icons of the eighties that carried the intensity of a storm cloud. The classic Chypre featuring citrus notes and jasmine in the heart and oak moss, patchouli and musk in the base is complemented with osmanthus and magnolia.

  • Vetiver Réunion ~ A classic Vetiver in its purest form: The composition of the earth wooden intensity of the finest of all vetivers from La Réunion, paired with vivid citrus notes, red pepper and soft musk create an eternally elegant scent that is deep, yet sparkling.

  • Dark Vanilla ~ A tribute to Vanilla Bourbon: This unique, warm and deep powdery creation around the vanilla introduces the resinoid of Rooibos. An absolute first in fine perfumery for this complex ingredient with its soft connotations of hay, red tea and honeycomb. The fragrance reveals the dark, balsamic and sensual facets of the Vanilla pod.

  • Singular Oud ~ An oldfactory bridge between Occident and Orient: The encounter of warm classic, oriental notes of saffron, incense and patchouli with the freshness of green fig and Laotian oud results in a vibrant liaison of the mystique of the orient and the modernism of the occident.

  • Sensual Blend ~ A sensual Oriental note: An eruption of glowing amber and spicy vanilla, sparked with aromatic whisky and enfolded in soft leather. This olfactory ode to seduction is an intuitive scent that evokes deep sensual instincts.

Sample Box

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