Single Cactus Ear Cuff

Sophie Simone

Picture this: you're having a bad hair day so you put your hair up, but you need to look put together for the day... This is when you put on this ear cuff and just like that you're ready to conquer the day!

This collection is inspired by my beloved Mexico. I've always had a fascination for cactus. I used to gaze at them during long cross country road trips, mesmerized by their curious shapes and sizes. They seemed magical and mysterious, growing stoically in the middle of vast deserts. I wondered how those colorful, delicate, flowers could bloom under such harsh conditions. They made me smile and reminde me that no matter how desolate things may seem, a flower can always bloom. This line, Fleur de Cactus, honors this magnificent plant.
Today, no matter what life throws at me, or how tough things may seem, I always remember the flowers in the desert and smile.

DIMENSIONS: 5 cm x 0,5 cm
MATERIALS: Bronze and 22k gold plating