Taka Cuff Large Bracelet

Wara Designs

The 'Taka' Cuff Bracelet is the perfect touch to seize the day - Taka meaning to take/undertake in Old Norse. Timeless and contemporary, simple and striking this stunning statement piece is handmade and really comfortable to wear, thanks to its light weight.

Material:  Brass
Width: 6 cm
Circumference: Can be adjusted from 16.5cm to 19.5cm. The open gap can be slightly adjusted by gently easing apart or squeezing together to suit the individual.

Please let us know if you wish to order a different size to the above.

*As each piece is handmade, the hammered pattern might differ slightly from picture.


Taka Cuff Large Bracelet
Taka Cuff Large Bracelet
Taka Cuff Large Bracelet