Black Pom Pom Wayuu Bag

Sarú Artesanías

Made by Wayuu artisans, 45Km from Riohacha - La Guajira. 

The Wayúu are a group of indigenous people that inhabit the Guajira peninsula, the most northeastern part of Colombia. This community with a matriarchal structure has adapted to the inclement weather of a desert with amazing landscapes facing the Caribbean Sea.

Waleker, the spider, taught the Wayuú woman to weave. Its fabric rests on the myth and initiation rites of the adolescent confinement. Tough, creative, supportive, hospitable, respectful of the word, the Wayúu jealously preserve their deep cultural traditions, their attachment to the land, their own language and share in their 'rancherías' a different world from that of the 'Arijunas' (foreigners) .