These pieces are made by hand in small batches. Due to their very nature handmade pieces are unique as they are made by a real person and not a mass produced in a factory. The process through which they are made and the small batches guarantee that your piece will be one of a kind.

Locally Produced

Our designers have decided to forego offshoring the manufacturing of their pieces and have opted instead to produce their pieces in their country of residence. This initiative creates jobs in their country and provides the designer with the opportunity to keep an eye on the manufacturing process to make sure it remains up to their standards.

Carbon Neutral

The future of the earth’s environment is at play today, this is why these designers have taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint while manufacturing their pieces. Using environmentally conscious practices these designers have put the health of the world above saving some money.

Organic Materials

In order to create a more sustainable fashion industry designers have opted to begin using organic materials. These materials avoid using harmful pesticides and chemical inputs in order to reduce the level of chemical waste left in the environment.

Vegan Materials

These designers are committed to not using animal products or products derived from animals. They understand that veganism is an important lifestyle choice to their clients and strive to provide them with high quality products that reflect this.

Low Waste

Fashion does not need to be wasteful, these designers use energy drawn from renewable sources, properly upcycled fabrics, and/or other manufacturing techniques that have been shown to cut the amount of waste produced.

Low Water Usage

The fashion industry is the third largest user of water globally, to change this these designers have decided to cut their water usage. Through a combination of using organic materials and limiting the amount of water used during the dyeing and treating of the pieces these designers are looking out for the future of the world today.


Forget seasonal pieces, these designers create beautiful, high quality pieces that work year round. You can be certain that anything you buy from these designers will be an integral part of your wardrobe for years to come.


The fashion industry is responsible for roughly 13 million tons of textile waste, these designers are working towards changing this practice. By recycling old fabrics and other products these designers are able to create timeless pieces while helping reduce waste in the world.

Fair Wage

Having a job means nothing if it doesn’t pay enough to afford a living. Our designers believe in providing fair wages to the people making their pieces. We take pride in partnering with designers who understand the importance of providing a living wage.