Meet Our Ambassador Of The Month, Clarence from NatPak

What does NatPak do and how do you stand out from your peers?

At Natpak, we have always been about breaking through the conventional. We were founded in 1978 with a mission to do just that—to break through the luxury packaging industry. Over 40 years later, we continue to provide creative packaging and display solutions for the world’s most reputable brands in watches, jewellery, eyewear, cosmetics, stationary, tea, premium alcohol, and consumer electronics.

Natpak has maintained its professional role in the conventional packaging industry while also exploring new directions of business—mostly packaging-related. We extend our reach to the material source geographically, chemically and even ethically with the aim to create the most positive impact on the globe as a responsible enterprise. In saying this we have jumped out of our comfort zone to step very much ahead in manufacturing technique; material making; product design; traceability networking; recycling technology and more!

Which are the most environmentally friendly packaging ideas you came across?

In the past 4-5 years, we have created and modified tens of packaging products. And we are still working very hard to achieve a real circular economy in which we no longer need to extract new materials. We can reuse whatever already exists. The most eco-friendly packaging would be something like this.

The first thing that comes to mind is that it should be made of recycled materials. It should also be designed to be reusable, or at least recyclable so that it can be easily disposed of in a way that preserves its integrity and makes it possible for it to be reused by another company or consumer.

How do you guide your client to choose the best packaging for them and for the environment?

Thanks to our sourcing and design teams, we created a library of sustainable packaging designs. Based on our client’s needs, we will modify our designs which are already environmentally friendly. This will help save time and cost for both our clients and our company.

Our extensive selection of sustainable packaging solutions provides the perfect fit for your brand and product. We work with you to create customized packaging that helps you stand out from the competition.

Our team is dedicated to creating eco-friendly packaging that not only looks beautiful but also ensures your products arrive safely at their destination.

How do you review Vipop new packaging?

We believe that the VIPOPs original designs are already great and wonderful to be used. Within the materials, however, we had switched them to sustainable options, such as recycled PET fabric, FSC paper, printed with soy ink, etc. In addition, they are all made with single material which can facilitate recycling or reuse later on.

What are your recommendations for the fashion industry when it comes to packaging?

I think that good fashion packaging should be simple in design, minimal in material use, and single material to facilitate recycling. I believe that the first two are important because they save cost and reduce waste. For example, if you're making a simple dress and don't need to use too much material, then you can save money on your cost of production. Also, if you're using less material, then you're producing less waste—which is great for the environment!

The third point is about recycling. You see, most clothing is made from multiple materials like cotton or polyester or nylon—but it's hard to recycle these different types of clothes because they're made from different materials. So if all the clothing was created from one type of fabric (like cotton or silk), then it would be easier to recycle!

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