Francisca Pinto


timeless collection // upcycling & sublimation experimental.

AKA Costura is Francisca Pinto, who last October premiered her new collection Discover your power at Pasarela Valparaíso, one of the proposals they presented around the premise of sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint and waste. What are we talking about? Textile reuse.

What they do at AKA Costura is take other materials: cuffs, edges, pockets, collars and more, to transform them along with other remains into a new original garment that is a container of stories, of stories. An author's design project carried out independently by Francisca, who was awarded a PAR IMPULSA Creative Industries fund from Corfo last year (2022).

It is a capsule of unique pieces that is developed based on relaxed silhouettes, neutral color palettes, graphics that appeal to the sensitive and experimental intervention techniques that range from analog to digital.

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