Born in Brazil, brewed in New York City, and based in Hong Kong, Aila Pernambuco (designer of AP CULT) grew up surrounded by art, design and fashion. After studying International Trade and Marketing for the fashion industries and working for global brands, she started her own: AP CULT.What is unique about AP CULT? Aside from their mesmerizing creations, they work with photographers, graphic designers, stylists, non-profit organizations, and brand ambassadors to create their collections, initiatives and editorials. AP CULT believe that each person is uniquely gifted and has a different vision that inspires their designs. With AP CULT, not only will you find fashion, you will also find a world of collectible pieces made with passion andcharacter.

Welcome to the CULT

About AP CULT design’s 

“Each piece we create is crafted to bring awareness to environmental and social issues. We seek to improve the lives of those in need and those working behind thescenes simply by doing business better.We believe that fashion is an extension of self, the way you dress should be a reflection of who you are, and the message you want to send to the world.We don’t believe in shopping ‘seasonally’ but shopping for a lifestyle. We are modernnomads and discovering is our preferred way of life.Welcome to the CULT.”