About baobab

Baobab is a Colombian swimwear brand created in 2017 by Isabella Espinoza in Bogotá. Baobab is passionate about sustainable innovation. The brand is focused on restoring nature and embracing the value of the biodiversity that defines Colombia. With sustainability at the core and as the identity and priority and throughout every element of the brand, they promote compassion for nature and educate on care and respect for natural resources. 

Baobab take plastic and fishing nets from the ocean in order to recycle it into elegant and iconic pieces. For every swimsuit you purchase, you are helping to restore the San Andres Coral Reef in San Andres, Colombia and the ocean’s natural ecosystems. In addition, for every suit sold, a tree is planted on your behalf. Baobab has planted over 5000 trees so far.

Do the most while wearing the least.

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