Bianhi is the realization of a dream: to create a brand that embodies the essence of who Milena Corrales is.

The jewelry, created by an artist and dentist from Barranquilla, Colombia, is more than just jewelry—it's a way for Corrales to express herself in the artistic medium that she has loved since childhood. After years of practicing dentistry (a craft in its own right), Corrales decided to enter into the world of art with oils, fabrics, calligraphy and home interior design.

Her years of experience were necessary for the full creation of this amazing project. It is more than just jewelry. It covers the whole artistic representation of who Milena Corrales is: a craftswoman inspired in her roots and in the natural wonders of Colombia. Bianhi is not only about jewelry—it's about uplifting origins and being inspired by imperfection. It's about finding enchantment in imperfection itself! It's about being able to mix roots with style effortlessly. It's artistic frenzy made tangible!


We believe in the power of handmade.

BIANHI is handcrafted by Milena and artisans from Colombia, one piece at a time. We do not use welding or casting techniques, so we're an eco-friendly brand. The main material we use to create our jewelry is gold-plated wire, which gives each piece its convenient lightweight. We complement our creations with natural fibers, using different techniques like crochet, macrame and wire wrapping.

Our mission is to empower people through the power of beauty—to show that you can express yourself through something as simple as a piece of jewelry.

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