Bibiana Hernández is a Colombian designer with a great sensitivity for design, architecture, and art. She decided to materialize her dream of creating a brand of shoes and handbags under a new luxury concept.

Each of her designs is carefully handcrafted by local artisans from Colombia, Bibiana Hernández represents a fusion of architecture, craftsmanship and art, with meticulous contemporary designs in every detail and avant-garde concepts, for women looking for exclusive pieces and authenticity as a synonym of true luxury. 

Sophisticated and timeless designs, with architectural silhouettes that combine different textures and materials.


The artisans who work for Bibiana Hernández are her extended family. 

They are Alirio, Marleny, Juan, Yurani and Roberto, a group of humble people who give life to each design. Bibiana Hernández is committed to their well-being and that of their families. 

Bibiana Hernández believes in local talent and has the virtue of working with great Masters of Colombian crafts with remarkable manual ability of ancestral origin and a deep desire to achieve meticulous design and the highest quality in each of the pieces.

Artisanal Leather ClutchArtisanal Leather Clutch