Diego Carrasco and Wini

Diego and Wini are the talented designers and creators of Bekanvas, an innovative clothing brand that has revolutionized the sports and casual fashion market. Originally from Chile, these two entrepreneurs began their journey in the vibrant streets of Valparaíso, a place known for its rich culture and creative spirit.

In the beginning, Diego and Wini caught the attention of passersby with their unique and eye-catching designs. Their clothing was different: colorful, stylish, and fun, characteristics that quickly resonated with people looking for something beyond conventional fashion. It was this initial recognition that propelled their growth and allowed them to dream of bringing their creations to a broader audience.

Bekanvas clothing is distinguished by being comfortable and sporty, with cuts that perfectly adapt to the body and movement. These designers have managed to combine functionality and style in each garment, creating pieces that are ideal for both exercising and daily tasks, without ever losing the touch of elegance and fun that characterizes the brand.

At Bekanvas, each garment is a statement of creativity, freedom, and movement, reflecting the innovative spirit of its creators who continue to push the boundaries of fashion design, ensuring that Bekanvas remains synonymous with cutting-edge sports and casual wear.

Vestido Baby
Set Corazon
Set Andromeda