When you wear an Entreaguas tie-dye art piece, you're wearing more than a garment. You're wearing something that has been crafted by the hands of local artisans. You're wearing something that was made with care and love. You're wearing something that helps empower single mothers in local communities to reach their goals and transform their lives through art.

Each piece is one of a kind, thanks to our artisanal technique of hand-dying fabrics. The color and texture will vary slightly from piece to piece, giving each one its own personality and making it truly one of a kind.

We believe in supporting local craftsmanship—not only because it makes for unique designs, but because it supports the livelihoods of people in your community who are working hard to turn their passions into careers. Our team members are proud Colombians themselves, so we do everything we can to ensure that every art piece is 100% Colombian owned and made!

Wearable ART

We believe that the most beautiful things in life are crafted by hand.

At Entreaguas, we're dedicated to bringing you the most exquisite handmade garments and accessories, each one created by a single mother artisan living in a local community.

When you purchase something from us, you're not just buying a garment—you're empowering an artisan to transform her life through artisanal craftsmanship. Through our non-profit foundation, we help these artisans reach goals and transform their lives through art.

We believe that when you purchase a piece of our wearable art, you're not just buying an item of clothing—you're helping create an opportunity for someone's future.

Macrame Crop TopMacrame Crop Top
Macrame Armour BodysuitMacrame Armour Bodysuit
Black Macramé BodysuitBlack Macramé Bodysuit