Eyewear (Bottom Description)

Latest Latin American design

Vipop’s universally flattering fashion sunglasses for men and women are crafted in the styles researched to be the most easily wearable for various face shapes and nose bridges. On a continent where the sun is ever-present, you can feel confident that our sunglasses store will have your ideal comfort and sleek style on lock. Shop eyewear in classic aviator, aviator teardrop, round, shield, sport and retro squared styles that will have you feeling like you belong right beside the Matrix crew.

Crafted using sustainable processes

Understated, straight-forward, and made to look and feel better over time, Vipop’s eco sunglasses are handmade, fitted with premium materials like titanium metal accents and CR39 mirror lenses to provide the best UV-coverage and support, and released in small batches to reduce material waste that often happens on the sales end in the conventional fashion industry. Most of our handmade fashion eyewear is also gender-neutral so that the most people can get wears out of them as possible. Eco fashion simply does not discriminate.

Made for the conscious consumer

Every aspect of our fashion sunglasses have the most thought and care that can go into them as possible. This is because we understand that the modern consumer is starting to care more about the ethical and sustainable processes than the mere aesthetic of what they buy. When you shop unisex designer eyewear from Vipop, you can be comfortable knowing that we’ve done the legwork to ensure that the ethical sunglasses brands we work with are committed to using eco-friendly materials and leaving as small of a footprint on the earth as possible.