About Kusse's Designer

Natalia Betancourt is the designer behind Kusse, she has always been an outstanding person for her creativity and innovation, wanting to explore new horizons. She studied industrial design in her native Cali, she specialized in furniture design in Buenos Aires, where she also studied shoe design, leather goods and fashion management. Thanks to all the knowledge acquired from her years of study, Kusse was born..


Symmetry, Harmony and Elegance

Kusse's designs 


Küsse is a Colombian Brand that was born with the intention of creating unique pieces, as far away from fast fashion as possible, made by Colombian hands. Küsse CEO and creative director Natalia Betancourt, got inspired by those self confident women, that have their own style and don’t play by trendiness, but they use fashion as tool to express their true essence.
Every stage of Küsse’s last collection, was enriching, letting us to learn new techniques, explore about color, textures and handcraft processes, keeping coherence with our Brand Values, Getting as a result ALMA, a collection inspired by light and darkness, not as a fight but as a romance.

Modena Yellow HandbagModena Yellow Handbag
Juno Rose Shoulder BagJuno Rose Shoulder Bag
Maddalena Green HandbagMaddalena Green Handbag