Loto was initially born as an accessories brand and over the years it evolved until it reached clothing, it is always connected with our Caribbean culture, each Collection tells a story, links with our Latin culture and heritage...always loaded with handmade details.

I love that people take away a little piece of what is on my mind, of the love I have for Art and its variants in Fashion, such as the creation of lasting pieces over time with special handmade touches. We try as much as possible to maintain our Collections under the Capsule modality, creating small quantities of each garment, refusing textiles between each Collection, the use of noble fabrics such as cotton, silks as well as chemicals that are NOT polluting or harmful to health.

Definitely our Plus and added value will always be the touch by hand, the creation of prints from scratch, the use of color and combination of fabrics and/or prints as well as our very special hand embroidery, full of life, texture, quality and originality , they are definitely the DNA of the Brand.