About Mercedes Salazar

When I was a child, I created my own treasures with clay, glass, wool and wood, that's why I studied artisanal and contemporary jewelry in Mexico, now I'm focused on making treasures for others. For 21 years I´ve been responsible for representing Colombian roots through handmade jewelry. I create products that tell stories, carry a message, and honor artisans hands. Each product is an art piece because to create it, I have taken the path of spirituality, in which Colombia has been my starting point. Every jewelry, accessory and home product is unique and authentic. This has been a journey that has allowed me to cross the world through each of my products, since my pieces have reached more than 19 markets in America, Europe, the United Kingdom and Asia. Everything happens due to the help of each of the people who work every day to make this dream come true. We are a family of more than 50 collaborators who work at our home, La Casa de Mercedes, an atelier and place located in Bogotá, Colombia where magic becomes reality. With our hands we make art, we create pieces full of joy, beauty and spirit. I also have the support of more than 200 Colombian artisans who throughout their generations maintain ancestral artisan techniques and bring to the fashion world a proposal full of creativity and meaning. My family is my tribe, my team is the support of our shared dreams, the artisans are my friends and the land is my inspiration to create. I hope that these earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, bags and home decoration accessories bring joy and love, as they carry with them the sound of the wind, the smell of the mountains and the warmth of the sun.

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