Nicole Balleza

Behind the Brand

The brand prides itself on creating products that prioritize both performance and sustainability. They have achieved a remarkable breakthrough in eco-friendly fabrics with their biodegradable certified fabric made out of biodegradable polyamide yarn. The fabric is designed to decompose in approximately 5 years, reducing the environmental impact of its use.

The brand ensures the best quality materials and long-lasting performance. Their fabric has earned the Certificate of Control CO2, acknowledging the brand's commitment to an eco-conscious manufacturing process. Additionally, the fabric is anti-odor, offers UPF 50 for UV protection, and activates microcirculation for enhanced sports experiences.

The brand also prioritizes comfort, ensuring that each fabric provides a soft touch and extreme comfort during physical activities. It excels in moisture absorption and has a highly breathable design, increasing airflow to promote a comfortable wearing experience.

These products are not only high-performing, but also sustainable and able to be recycled. The brand reinforces its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, while also supporting local economy and craftsmanship by manufacturing in Venezuela.

Reversible Sports Bra
Flare Leggins
Cropped Sports Jacket