About Palma Canaria

We are Palma Canaria.

In 2016, Mónica Arbeláez and Juliana Quintero, mother and daughter, passionate about design and fashion, restless admirers of manual work and craftsmanship, decided to get out of their routines to create PALMA CANARIA, a unique and innovative accessories brand 100% handmade in Colombia made of natural fibers.

MÓNICA ARBELÁEZ, business women with over 20 years of experience in the Banking sector, and JULIANA QUINTERO, business graduate with emphasis on Marketing, created together PALMA CANARIA, to shape their creative visions and promote #LoveForTheHandmade.

and #AmorPorLoNuestro.

100% handmade in Colombia made of natural fibers.

Palma Canaria's Designs

The pieces created at Palma Canaria have been consciously crafted by our artisans with the guarantee that at least one of our 8 attributes is being accomplished: this attributes respect free welfare for animals, humans and environment and are aligned with fashion industry most recognized practices. 

We are proud to work with artisans and their families from four different regions in our country, making sure we get the best ecological materials to produce our pieces.

Every decision taken at Palma Canaria symbolizes our commitment to redefine fashion’s future. We are firm believers that modern luxury is rediscovering craftsman traditions in a luxurious and modern way.

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