Mariana Cruz and Sofia Dominguez are the two faces behind Saudade, Mariana has 27 years old and she is an architect, her creativity and love for fashion turned her into the creative soul behind the brand. Sofia, with 23 years old is a business manager and in charge of strategy and organization of the brand.

They created Saudade de Você in 2019 with the dream of delivering pieces with the power to highlight your most true self. That's why they don't use prints, but colour combination textures and shapes that evolve with whoever wears them.

Mariana and Sofia have an eye for colour and can put them togethers in a way most people would be nervous to atempt.

Saudade de Você is a brand that focuses on creating clothing that reflects who you truly are by using simple lines but intense colours combinations that make each piece unique!


Saudade is a brand that draws its inspiration from the bold, risk-taking, unforgettable women of Latin America. We seek to create pieces that inspire confidence and compliments—pieces that make you feel like you're walking on sunshine.

Our aesthetic is based on modern silhouettes with a balance between textures, colours, shapes and craftsmanship. We believe in creating pieces designed to inspire confidence and compliments.

The Saudade woman is bold, risky, unforgettable and seeks to escape from the ordinary.