Valeria Martinez Nahuel

Artist by training, jeweler by profession
She has a degree in Art with a Major in Engraving from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, an urban artisan, dedicated to goldsmithing for more than 20 years, always seeking a line of innovation that has led her to explore the world of contemporary jewelry.

Recognized with the seal of excellence in Crafts Chile on 2 occasions and with the recognition of excellence in Crafts granted by UNESCO
His works have been exhibited in Chile and abroad.

He has participated in international fairs such as Schmuck, in Munich, Sierrad in Amsterdam, Contemporania in Barcelona, ​​NewYork Now in New York.

Statement of intents:

"Contemporary art with ancestral soul. My works are made mainly in copper and silver, an innovative material for the technique I used, which is filigree, fine threads intertwined with each other, soldered like lace, creating new shapes, transparencies, shadows. Exploring the different finish alternatives that this material offers me, rust, patinas, pure copper.

Through my work I try to give life to these materials, show their secrets. Each piece is unique and has a story."
Aros coihue
Aros Ónix negros
Aros zigzag crin negro
Aros filigrana zigzag