Butterfly Collection

Each piece has been carefuly hand painted between layers of epoxy resin,with a lot of patience, fine brushes and a good hand. The metallic paint adds a lot of shine and light with movement. The pin and earnut are made in sterling silver.

I take inspiration from different species of butterflies to create my own versions. Some are more accurate and others, more abstract.

These earrings are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Post are placed near 1cm below the border, so your earlobe will be covered (very helpful in case you want to hide them!).

First thing our customers say when they see our butterflies in person is "wow they are much beautiful than the pictures", and second follows "...and they are so light, I thought they would be heavier"

Since every step in our earrings are hand made, notice some differences can be found in the shape and painting of each piece.

Tea Cup Rings

These Whimsical Tea for Two earrings are made using porcelain miniatures and sterling silver

Vania Ruiz
Born in Valparaíso, Chile and trained as an architect, I've always had a passion for crafting by hand. Jewelry unexpectedly became a medium for me to merge my childhood loves of storytelling, painting, and making. Since 2010, I've balanced my time between my brand CasaKiro Joy and my art jewelry, known under my name Vania Ruiz. 
After several years working as an architect in Chile, I transitioned into jewelry making. Despite a self-directed and fragmented jewelry education from specialized courses, I've achieved First Prize twice in the Biennial of Latin American Contemporary Jewelry in 2018 and 2021. My work has been showcased on the cover of Metalsmith magazine and displayed in prestigious venues like the SCAD Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, and New York MAD Museum.

I take inspiration from nature to create bold pieces that stand out for their use of color, and exploration with synthetic materials.

Landscape collection

Landscapes are evocative of Chilean wetlands. They are hand painted in resin and include natural fennel grass, real 22k gold leaf and sterling silver. The silver pine cones are casted out from real cones I collected myself. 

Aros Paisajes