About Wanahat Designer

Founded by three Ecuadorian childhood friends, Wanahat aims to promote the country and its identity by supporting a unique and beautiful hand made product: the Toquilla Straw Hat, known worldwide as Panama Hat.

Their goal is to provide a high quality Panama Hat, delivered to your door with the perfect fit.

“Wana” means weave in Ecuador’s indigenous language, Quechua. Wanahat entwines tradition, community values and culture with sustainable fashion.

A genuine Panama Hat, must be handmade in Ecuador

Wanahat Designs 

Mainly produced in two small cities in Ecuador, Montecristi and Cuenca, toquilla hats take anywhere from two days to three months to be hand-woven.

The palm used to make toquilla straw (Carludovica Palmata) grows exclusively in the Ecuadorian cloud forest and is responsible for the lightweight and flexibility of the toquilla hat. These unique characteristics earn the toquilla hat its recognition amongst hat connoisseurs and hat lovers all over the world.

The main way to classify a toquilla hat is by grade, based on the number of weaves per square inch; this means that if a hat is grade 7, it has 7 weaves per square inch; the higher amount of weaves, the finer the hat. Other characteristics like color, straw’s thickness and weave uniformity affect the finesse and quality of a toquilla hat.

Wanahat selects each hat to ensure the product’s standards and valued workmanship.

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