Barú Black Backpack


Backpack made of leather, with interior fabric lining and internal zip pocket. Ideal for everyday use, spacious inside and at the same time safe. Main zippered opening and lid for double protection. Adjustable straps to adjust to each body. Made of high quality, resistant and lightweight leather to be able to load it without problem.

Product Details

Measures: 32 x 32 cm. Base 14 cm.

Closing in the opening and cover for double protection. It has adjustable straps of 1 meter long, which can be made larger or smaller as necessary.

How am I?

Backpack made of 100% Argentine leather. Ideal for travel, wide and safe. Bold, practical and classic to use every day. Easy to carry and comfortable in size. Designed in high quality leather but at the same time lightweight. With space for a computer. Float black color.

How to take care of myself?

In the event that it is stained, it is advisable to only wipe it with water. If possible avoid the rains for greater care.

Barú Black Backpack
Barú Black Backpack
Barú Black Backpack