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Copacabana Bikini Set

Saudade de Você

An eye-catching yet minimalistic design. Because less is more, we combined a basic silhouette with a coloured 'chaquiras' embroidery to  create a one of a kind piece. 

At Saudade love is expressed through details.

  • Polycloth fabric (80% polyester + 20% lycra)
  • Salt and chlorine resistant
  • UV protection
  • Embroidered Multicolor 'chaquiras'

  • Model is wearing size XS.
    Garment Care


    This garment is handmade. Due to this hand-made process each piece is unique and there can be slight irregularities.


    Swimwear Care Instructions

    1. If you have been in the ocean or pool rinse right away in cold water

    2. Only hand wash your bikini after wearing with cold water, using a mild, gentle soap.

    3. Do not put your bikini in the dryer, or wring them out to dry, as these can cause your bikini to lose shape and stretch out. Lay flat to dry.



    Copacabana Bikini Set
    Copacabana Bikini Set
    Copacabana Bikini Set

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