Halo Scarf


Blast Off Collection is inspired in outer space, Bolsch wanted to represent through their designs a beautiful journey towards the moon using different colors and art techniques  that make this a chic, fun and elegant  Collection! We can  travel in spaceships and  have the amazing adventure of seeing new things and reach future dreams.

Silk scarves can be worn in cold or warm climates and can be tied in many different ways. Try them around your neck, as a head piece, bracelets, belts, complements to your bags and shoes or to add details to your outfits. They can take any outfit to a higher level!

Possibilities are endless. Make it your own piece and style!

Colombian design, 100% Italian silk twill, made in Spain.

Remember Bolsch designs are unique, made in house, and are pieces of art you can wear!


Dimensions: 50x50 cm
Weight: 18 g



Halo Scarf