Juniper Macramê Bag


Juniper Macramê is a unique bag made of cotton yarn from Brazil. Every Nannacay is unique and takes about 10 hours to be produced. It is hand-dyed and some care is needed to keep it: it is recommended to store in a dry or refrigerated place and not put on excess weight.

Resort 20 collection, Koofma, resurfaces the origin of Nannacay. Similar to nature transforming energy from one sister to another, Koofma provides each sister with the energy to grow, to learn and to blossom. Derived from Japanese folklore, Koofma is the spirit that lives in a tree. There can only be one spirit living in a tree and it cannot be seen. Only, appreciated.


Height: 34 cm
Length: 35 cm
Height of handle: 12 cm
Weight: 0,3 kg


Juniper Macramê Bag