About Bolsch

Alessandra Bolsch is a Colombian born designer, with a strong Italian heritage, present in everything in her life. She has a passionate driven, eye for fashion and love for art. She grew up with pasta Sundays, caffé with “la nona” and Pavaroti and Bocelli as background music.Her style has always been clean cut and timeless keeping the European art and culture present. Since an early age, she knew she wanted to study fashion and make her own brand. She started studying fashion in Colombia, and continued growing her profession in Milan with masters as “ Footwear Modelist Designer”. In Milan is where she met her true passion: luxury at reasonable prices, finding ways to inspire new generations and make them fall in love with fashion the way she did.

     Believe In Your Inner Power

About Bolsch Designs

BOLSCH believes in the power of our inner selves, the magic of the moon and the power it carries to inspire us to do more and be more with the possibility of making each BOLSCH accessory your own. Let the scarves be the one thing you wear on every occasion, they help you bring out your personality and express your style with endless possibilities of use. The brand was born after Alessandra worked with top Colombian fashion designer, Francesca Miranda, where she learned the trade and garnered enough knowledge and experience to venture and dare to create her own brand. 

Luna Print Silk ScarfLuna Print Silk Scarf